February 1st, 2024Allowing Many Forms will participate in the Print Pamona Art Book Fair (March 2-3)

We're very excited to participate in the PPABF for the first time. We'll be showing books from our archive, new books, and forthcoming titles in Claremont.

December 8th, 2023Cody Miner and Taylor Zanke's book The Halves and Half Nots is upcoming

The limited edition book enjoys a soft release, with a book event forthcoming in the New Year. Physical and digital cuttings-out are displayed in halves: the idiosyncrasies of their respective forms in playful dialogue.

November 27th, 2023Finalization of Red Rotkopf's book, Wind in the Cage, has begun

Leading up to a Spring 2024 release, we've begun finalization of production with Red Rotkopf's book Wind in the Cage with die Keure in Belgium.

April 2nd, 2023A book viewing at Tomorrow Today, Los Angeles

We are excited to show 4 unique books by the second cohort of artists in the AMF residency program at Tomorrow Today in Chinatown. 937 Sun Mun Way, Los Angeles, CA @ 6pm.

January 9th, 2023Kicking off our second artist residency

Our second residency session kicks off with 4 artists (Clara Dykstra, Joe Gillette, Red Rotkopf, and Sharon Leung) investigating their practices through the form of book making.

November 19th, 20226 Handmade Books: Book viewing in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

We are pleased to present handmade books made in close collaboration with 6 artists, expressing an aspect of their practice in the form of a unique volume. At Only If Architecture, 1270 Fulton St 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY @ 6pm.

September 5th, 2022Launching AMF's first artist residency

Our first residency program creates space for 6 multidisciplinary artists (Stella Ioannidou, Jarrett Ley, Nabila Morales-Pérez, Matthew Ransom, Dan Taeyoung, and Bz Zhang) to look deeply and intentionally at their practices through the craft of book making.

Red Rotkopf

Wind in the Cage. The artist's first photography monograph presenting sites from disparate geographies transitioning away from their imposed functions under capitalism. Spring 2024.

Erin Wright

29 Glasses. A glimmer, a rotation, a configuration of material, a deep color, catches the eye and leads one further from the destination. Spring 2024.

Alicia Cheatham, Taylor Zanke
Malado Francine
Nabila Morales-Pérez
Jorge Silen
Nicole Schonitzer
Mormei Zanke
Taylor Zanke