VOLUMEJoe Gillette
plastic, paper, various packaging and ephemera, poly zipper bags, silicone.11 x 4.5 x 7 inches
Artist Statement

VOLUME is a collection of bound work that explores themes of consumption, entropy, transformation, and loss. Consisting of incidental and kinetic compositions formed from discarded packaging and other personal ephemera, the book is rooted in a conceptual exploration of the relationship between material and meaning. VOLUME is full of precious garbage, both universal and intimate - all of it suspended in a translucent brick in “a fight against forgetting.” VOLUME challenges the traditional form of a book and asks the viewer to consider the past, the present, and eternity.


Joe Gillette is an artist and storyteller based in Los Angeles, CA. Past projects such as Une Semaine de Google or the ongoing PARTY FOOD performance series feature recognizable materials from our culture and explore the impacts of consumerism. Inspired by the Dadaist tradition, Gillette's unique narrative perspective and material approach are evident in the tightly-knotted narratives that center on shared symbols, spiraling outward into a wider critique that asks viewers to look at the periphery.

Since 2006, Joe’s work has been exhibited and performed worldwide, including at BRICArts, The Soap Factory, and the Hammer Museum. He has also had printed works published by Beautiful Decay, 2DCloud, and The Comics Journal, among others.

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