Off BeatJarrett Ley
digital offset printed film stills, semigloss printing paper, untreated craft paper, linen thread, PVA glue, Smythe sewn.6 x 5 inches
Artist Statement

Off Beat is the seed of a new documentary film project investigating the murder of over 80 queer people who were pushed to their death from the Bondi cliffs in Australia. The book probes the limits of the visual regimes that dominate contemporary forensic practice in search of a cinematic grammar capable of new modes of investigation and documentation. 


Jarrett Ley is a forensic journalist and filmmaker who mobilizes architectural visualization technologies alongside open source evidence to drive investigations into political violence, erasure, and conflict. Ley's work has been featured in award-winning investigative reporting by The Washington Post and, most recently, the documentary film January 6th, for which he directed animation. He trained as an architect at Columbia University GSAPP, where he also teaches.

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