The Allowing Many Forms artist residency is a quarterly program (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) which supports introspective reflection and investigation into each participating artist's own practice through the craft of book making. Often in an artist's career, the production of a book is treated as a moment to collect and present existing work retrospectively. The AMF program instead offers the handmade book up as a material to shape, accretive to new work and thought. The residency is a space where both participants and AMF together question commonly held ideas of what a book "is" and uncover what it can hold.To carry out the project, each artist will work closely and collaboratively with AMF using the facilities in our Los Angeles based studio. Resources of note are a library of paper, inkjet and laserjet printers, scanners, a book guillotine, 2 binding presses, and an evolving list of traditional book-craft materials including bone folders, needles, and thread, etc.At the conclusion of the residency a book viewing will take place and artists will have the opportunity to speak about their projects in dialogue with one another and an intimate audience.
Binding Dan Taeyoung's Fall 2022 AiR book with PVA glue and waxed linen thread.
Submissions for the Summer (July-September) and Fall (October-December) 2023 residencies are open. Please submit any materials for consideration the month prior to the starting month of your prospective term.Submission materials can be emailed to Please specify the term you are interested in participating in somewhere in your email. Including the following materials is encouraged:
  • Statement of intent (Max 300 words)
  • Documentation of recent work
  • CV
Stella Ioannidou, Fall 2022 AiR, collecting and arranging found material.
The residency lasts up to 3 calendar months. It is preferred that artists are present in Los Angeles for at least a portion of the period. If possible, artists should be present for the book viewing which will occur at the conclusion of the term (the specific date will be determined in consultation with all participants).There are no expectations around the level of commitment from a participating artist. AMF will put forward their best effort to support artists in their process—in whatever form.
The AMF Residency is a context in which artists find the time and space to reflect on their practices and consider how they may evolve. It is an intentionally demarcated space where ideas can form on their terms. The handmade book is offered up as a means for these ideas to become slightly more concrete and material. A place for delicate feeling can be made in the world by turning reflective attention toward an object as ubiquitous and commonplace as a book.Rather than acting systematically toward a predetermined outcome, AMF encourages a more gravitational approach. As your ideas and sensibilities orbit one another, the materials and techniques which compose your book will do the same. By collecting, looking, grouping, and allowing forms to slow together, the handmade book will materialize in exciting non-linear ways.Books occupy physical space and reach outward asking for touch, and the AMF residency intentionally focuses on physical making. The process of turning inert material into a form which contains narrative, sequence, subject, and structure, is magical and soulful. The magic of this transformation can influence every aspect of the form of the book, and even extend beyond it, if allowed to do so.
Jarrett Ley, Fall 2022 AiR, takes a picture of a film set maquette.
Frequently Asked Questions
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